She’s been disciplined and there’s an investigation.🙄


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  1. vz_duz_it

    Most NYPD knows what at stake. They lost a lot of brothers that were either suicided or killed due to uncovering We!ner laptop.

  2. graham.sales

    Who’s the whiney mfkr talking to her? “Oh really, wow” …. throat punch, you have the right to remain silent!

  3. peaceseeker14

    Damn another good one will be gone

  4. treserose

    …but perfectly OK to wear “aunty fa” or “b*L*m” fist 😑

  5. catrinalayton3

    No need for discipline or investigation! I support you young lady! Alot of americans support you!

  6. justplaincody

    Blm/antifa = domestic terrorists change my mind

  7. bruce.frasier

    The patriots in blue need to clean up from the top down ! They know who the corrupt are in their ranks .

  8. 4given7x77

    That cop is freedom to me. God bless he and keep her safe out there.

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