Shut it down


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  1. venerableminds

    What’s the big day after March 4th

  2. scottybendertattoo

    Controlling the narrative by creating a different name for the movement

  3. igotoartschool

    What is actually going to happen on March 4th that they are already trying to frame it?

  4. michelle_linz_

    There are some people who really believe that March 4 is when Trump will be inaugurated. They’ve been pushing that narrative for a few months…

  5. ghostdaner

    Aussie government tells Facebook to pay up, tech companies go on attack?

  6. karen__marie_1111


  7. t_b_256

    I pray your sister is doing better β™₯οΈπŸ™

  8. travelincountrygal

    Nothing is going to happen on March 4th…if there was a true plan, no date/time would ever be revealed.

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Shut it down