Since folks are asking – yes ,the same clown is involved with the World Economic Forum.

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  1. brufin_warrior

    Cant stand maria bartiromo. That voice. 1000x worse than chalk on a black boArd

  2. future_fema_camper

    How do you spell RINO? With one eye.

  3. 3littleredheads

    I think they scrubbed Crenshaw from their site bc I could g find him the last time I searched

  4. flowstatekait

    I remember getting chills when i saw his fkn face on that WEF

  5. pugzmantothethird

    Hey just checked that. Not seeing dan, megan, or soros on that site. The other three yes.

  6. edenscosta

    What new kind of bullshit is this??? They are coming in hard and pushing it past the sheeple

  7. danaendelaney

    We need simple, grassroots people. Never quitters, never backdowns, never give up’ers, never give in’ers. People with no ties or connections to anyone else.

  8. there_were_five_americans

    Never trusted Dan. He is walking a slippery slope and at first I thought he was just navigating the waters politically, but he is exposing himself as a globalist.

  9. tessydoodle

    His page is getting wrecked!!! Holy smokes

  10. miss_angel_rn

    Quite the interesting website, especially all the different pictures of people participating in this from all over the world. Very interesting for someone in the United States to look at we have a lot of traitors who are trying to advance towards a one-world payoff.

  11. andrea.the.patriot

    I quit following this knumb-knuts when he said Red Flag Laws were ok. Traitor to this Country, our Flag, and the American Citizens.

  12. light_walker_alchemy

    Have you seen the video of their lil world domination NWO meeting? The link in my bio has the linktree link to the video check it out!! The nerve of these Nah Zis.

  13. robsalinas

    He’s a huge disappointment. Looking like McCain 2.0. Sad to see this out of a navy seal

  14. spenchj

    Another World Economic Forum blast from the past I discovered around election time looking into this was Fix News host Maria Bartiromo (who I really like/liked!)

  15. joeydoddart

    I would love to see a southern IL succeeding from the North. The Chicago and up state political scene does not reflect the values of those of us south of Springfield.

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