Air raid sirens alerted all regions of Ukraine on Thursday evening while multiple explosions have been heard in the capital of Kyiv, according to multiple Ukrainian reports, as Russia marks its fiftieth day of invasion.

Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko said Russia has launched missiles and fighter jets across the country with a concentration in the East.

She said three explosions in Kyiv went off “[o]ne after the other” while the siren had been going off for an hour. Vasylenko predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin has “gone livid because of the [Moskva] sinking.”

Ukraine claimed Thursday it sank the Russian warship Moskva in the Black Sea, but Russia claims the ship was damaged by an ammunition explosion, causing the ship to later sink in a storm.

European Expert Association Research Director Maria Avdeeva said that the sirens were followed by “[i]ntense shelling in Kharkiv,” a largely Russian-speaking town less than 40 miles from the border with Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a speech on Thursday applauding citizens for their efforts during the invasion.

“In 50 days of this war Ukraine became a hero for the whole free world. For those who have the courage to call things their names. For those not poisoned by propaganda. You have all become heroes,” he said, as translated by Facebook. “All Ukrainians, all Ukrainians who stood up, who do not give up. And who will win. Which will bring peace to Ukraine. I’m sure of that.”


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