How fitting that a game about pirates released on the 47th day of the year…

Furthermore, Skull and Bones, the video game, released a span of 118 days from George H. W. Bush’s birthday anniversary, June 12, 2024. As we know, the number 118 is important to the secret society, Skull and Bones, as well as one of its most famous members, #41, George H.W. Bush.
George Herbert Walker Bush=118

An ossuary is where the secret society gets its symbolism from.

Ubisoft is the maker of the game, reminding us that H.W. was the 43rd Vice President, his son was W. was the 43rd President, and his son Jeb, was the 43rd Governor of Florida.

And as for Presidents, the game released on the 47th day of the year.
White House=47

Do you think they’ll steal another election? In this case, the game released 263 days before the election, the 56th prime number, and November 5, 2024, the date of the election, leaves 56 days in the year.


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