So I knew this happened at the beginning of August but I didn’t know it was still like this. Had to try for myself, just think that’s odd.

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  1. You buy the domain name and have it direct to whichever site you want. Nothing here other than a wonderful trolling job. 🤣

  2. It’s not Odd at all. Someone bought the domain or is spoofing the domain name and just has it set to redirect to joes website. 10/10 nerding

  3. it’d been redirecting for several weeks, not just one day! and it did yesterday too.

  4. kielio

    I think they made the big deal and riled up Black Lives Matter right before they set Antifa loose, so we wouldnt know who to blame.

  5. redirects you to still; this used to work for me a couple days ago but when I typed in it redirected me to and then

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