Someone still on the inside managed to get us a recording of TPV’s emergency meeting they called after being exposed yesterday. This is just a clip, full thing is on my telegram.


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  1. Danny

    Oh no we got more enemies guys 😂😂 lfg breb. Keep it up bud.

  2. Ill always stand with Lin and Ill always stand with you Breb! Yall are doing the Lord’s work! I dont know how you all keep moving forward and exposing truth with all the hits you take! Yall are always in my prayers! Always! TPV is toast!

  3. I called out tpv and pastor guithere months ago my intuition is never wrong thank you Jesus for showing me always and giving me true discernment

  4. Matthew

    I think he’s living on a secret military compound. His fallout with the professor centers around three issues, but the final straw was over ‘security’ and being able to roam the property alone, which Lin himself doesn’t do. So if Lin is playing by the security rules of the security team on HIS property, it kinda makes you wonder who’s property is he stewarding it for? Then all his tweets, parlays and whistleblower stuff all start to look like bait, to get deep state goons lured onto the property to try and figure out how he knows what he knows. The entire time they’re there, they’re being surveilled instead.
    When did Lin move to Tomotley, right AFTER the 2020 election! After he had lived in GA for 55 years. It’s all a little sus when you think about it. I think he is a ‘secret agent man’ being ‘used for other people’s agendas’ EXACTLY AS HE has STATED.

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