Something is happening in India and the world media is not covering it. Do any of you have relatives in India that are mentioning this ordeal? Remember when Trump went to India February 2020 and was met with a Super Bowl stadium sized group of supporters? India is an ally to President Trump. It appears that they are being attacked for that relationship. This by all accounts appears to be the release of a bio weapon or weaponized frequency through 5G. Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that China and India have been at odds for quite some time.

Many people are still blissfully unaware of the fact that this world is at war, simply because it’s not being aired on their favorite new station on the 6 o’clock news. This world is at war with a 10,000 year old death cult. Spiritual warfare is manifesting at an unprecedented pace. Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled at a historical rate. We all have the greatest weapon at our disposal, which is prayer. Please use it.

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  1. vhanna_

    Remember India gave all their citizens natural remedies for CV and they had practically no one dying. Maybe this is cabal payback for proving the jab isn’t necessary

  2. coachdwal

    What if this is what is planned for the over turning of the election. They plan to release a bio weapon as diversion.

  3. treserose

    I always wonder how the elite stay unaffected by all of this … the rona, ✋G, chem trails 🤷‍♀️ Do they have some kind of antidote??

  4. thomaesthetics

    Maybe they’re releasing the REAL virus there? Many have theorized that Covid was legit fake but that a real threatening virus was coming soon. Although they were also using fake footage of people collapsing in India; footage from a gas attack a few years ago. Why would they need to use fake footage if people were actually collapsing? Something is mad off

  5. mr_poopaw

    ➡️➡️➡️ Phive Gee ⬅️⬅️⬅️


    My family and friends in India have been saying that the entire medical infrastructure has collapsed. Medicines , oxygen , space in hospital are not available. The situation is dire 🙏

  7. mitrasingh111

    I’m from the US and arrived in India 1.5 weeks ago to visit family. Literally arrived the day curfew got enforced. I always believed C agenda was mostly propaganda in the US but what’s going on here is serious shit. It’s 100% bio-engineered… this strain is super contagious and my entire extended family got sick (young and old) and four needed hospital intervention. I would not have believed this was as bad as they’re saying… but it is 😢. Everyone needs to pray. Things are not looking good right now.

  8. land.o.lakes.girl

    Bill Gates said the next wave would get our attention.

  9. randyjjordan2

    They’ve been burning bodies in the middle of the streets

  10. ranamom

    Did any of these people or percentage of these people get the vaccine?

  11. eric_hollopeter

    Reminds me of the images we saw from China in late 2019. People falling out mid stride and not effecting other mammals, that’s a bio-weapon with a lot of research in it.

  12. tsenacommacah26

    How could it not be affecting animals? It’s not 5G or energy then. Bioweapon is the only option. But how would they infect everyone all at once?

  13. nicole_font12

    My MiLs friend is reporting something similar over there. She said 3 Drs have dropped dead within 3 days due to the “variant” but doesn’t sound like it’s a variant. And they were using alternate methods not the 💉 to help people and now all of a sudden people are dying left and right. I knew when she told me things didn’t add up. Very strange.

  14. lorna951980

    The place that BILL GATES is banned. Weird that. Poor people 😪

  15. lauriebarry57

    This is what I learned about late fall of 19. All of wuhan where vaxxed that fall. For what I don’t know. Then the city of wuhan went fully 5 g around their new year. IMO they sent out a frequency that activated something in the vaxxed they had received earlier in the fall. Suddenly people were dropping dead , hospitals were filling up . And it was too sudden. Like one day people were fine and the next day they were in crisis. Then they isolated and now Wigan is completely back to normal. No masks, every thing is open . I don’t think they are heavily pushing the 5 g either. Before all this happened, I was learning about frequencies. They can be used to activate viruses in the body. They can use your own phone, cell towers. This is what sounds like is happening in India.😭😢🙏🙏🙏

  16. abog4

    Do we know if the people dying were vaccinated? Is it affecting those that weren’t vaccinated?

  17. im.daniel.james

    5G at 60Ghz affects 98% of oxygen molecules in the air. Causes oxygen to not bind with our haemoglobin properly. Hence the breathless symptoms with no fever. At the start of covid people were presenting with blue skin, not enough oxygen in their blood. Ventilators killed almost everyone put on them because it wasn’t an issue with not getting enough air, it’s an issue with the oxygen molecules in the air being affected by these high powered frequencies. They’re probably turning them on in certain areas around the world at different times.

  18. rebekahrebel21

    Well tons have gotten the jab….combined with cinqo gee….boom! But….weren’t the videos proven to be fake? From a gas leak last year????

  19. angelafarmerhahn

    I just got warning of my account being deleted from sharing this post

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