This map is from 2019, it’s way worse now. Soros is a terrorist

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  1. kasshund

    Glenn Beck was banging the gong about Soros 10+ years ago. Glad to see him becoming more famous now.

  2. smwharton

    Does not matter much if he’s dead or alive. He has groomed his son to do the same.

  3. Soros is the true Darth Sidious-Sith Lord that controls the Empire. The question is: When are you Jedi’s (patriots) gonna do something about it ? Or are you just gonna hope China takes over and restores order?😂😂😂😂 ( Can you tell I’ve binged Star Wars this week?)

  4. How can he act like he owns this country and put these people in positions of power without the military actually treating him like a terrorist? Can ISIS donate funds to American campaigns? No. So why is Soros allowed to? His money should not be allowed to be used here.

  5. cahemms

    It’s actually insanity how Dr. Evil is still walking yet alone breathing and roaming as a free man

  6. sfulton10

    Now overlay a map of states NOT OPPOSING unconstitutional mandates…. 🤔

  7. justigirl

    Don’t forget… when he leaves…. they are others waiting inline fleet his spot. What does Gates and Zuck maps look like?

  8. lblades8

    There’s a Soros backed candidate running in Orange County CA for District Attorney. The same campaign manager Gascon in LA County used. People need to wake up that Soros isn’t a fictional character and fight against this.

  9. kane_wagon

    I really hope the world starts to be more aware of how Soros is behind a lot of political issues.

  10. pejames42

    Why is he not being arrested for manipulating our political figures??? SMFH Let me answer that for ya.. POWER and MONEY will do anything you want in our government!!!

  11. mimijoyogini

    He also owns a HUUUUUUGE amount of companies under the sun that majority of Americans spend their money…

  12. eddie_rivera34

    Can he just like slip and maybe you know , something like…… DIE? Or something like that (in a Sebastian manescalco voice)

  13. s.pamelaj

    There is one in waukesha wi, he just released the van man who drove into a parade

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