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  1. freedomdietitian

    Oooohhhh shiddd. When the people find out that the sandy clam was a hoax and ittle shorties were actually not in attendance at that school at that point in time cuz it was shutdown, and the whole deal was a soap opera to grab yo guns, the shid is going to hit the fan.

  2. pantera_b3rb

    Yea and that’s TX A &M, not everyone there is v4x 💉 not even close 😂

  3. treasured_jewels

    #coronaoffline 😂😂👏👏🔥

  4. treasured_jewels


  5. edwards00j

    Odd about the school record request. Remington wanting to make sure these kids actually existed???

  6. love_thy_life_

    Anyone have the pic of “Sandy hook” mom who was also in a bunch of other ff doing press?

  7. guardians_light

    That whale video is incredible ❤️

  8. train_mog_official

    Ok but name ur college football team boyo. 😂 UCF here. Let’s go! 😂

  9. thoughtlessjester

    That whale video got me right in the feels

  10. floodgtx

    What is that crowd chanting? I can’t understand.

  11. merican_afrogypsy

    Ok… what did I miss? Shill Rogan is associated with horses now? What? Lol

  12. kellyfeltzer

    A lot of ppl have a lot of info about EVERYTHING, BUT NOTHING ever happens. They all get away with it. And if you thing Trump is coming tonsave the day, think again.

  13. madi_williams777

    GIG EM AGGIES!!!👏👏 Varsity’s horns are sawed off!

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