Missouri just won the big game on 11/2…
Call for Reparations=112
Super Bowl=112

What a headline for 2/13, or “213.”

This news comes on 59 date numerology as well. *2/13/2024=2+13+20+24=59

Today is the 59th day of Pope Francis age.

And St. Louis University is a Jesuit school, reminding us that Carter G. Woodson is the father of BHM.

And just this past Sunday, the Chiefs, of Missouri, improved to 4-2 in Super Bowls, on the 42nd day of the year, February 11, 2024, when 42 has a long history with black history.

Recall this ritual with Michael Brown.

And as for the $74 billion, it goes with ‘Mahomes’ leading the way.

And let us not forget St. Louis University is credited with the first forward pass in football history.

For one more, this comes after the 104th NFL season.



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