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    notice newsom’s percentage in the third slide is 66.6

  2. macrizic

    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Eyes on California 👀⚡️

  3. dopeitspaul408

    Sting operation full swing. These foos are going 📉📉📉📉

  4. cheerfulsquirrel2020

    Those numbers don’t even make sense. Basically, those numbers are saying that only the people who signed the recall voted for him to be recalled, which is a bunch of BS.

  5. proficientdan_

    I figured this was another sting operation. They are so fooked! Arizona Board has until 9/27 to comply. This schtuff is getting interesting!

  6. b7gbo77

    lol the number symbolizsim is in full effect from both sides

  7. norcalelaine

    Ya killin me! I realized nothing would change with the same voting systems in place. People r dumb to think otherwise

  8. itshans111

    Long Beach was lit! Zero Newsom/Biden peeps except for the selected attendees. We got this. CA stands strong.

  9. patriotjohnny

    We need a new party. Not republican. Not Democrats. Straight ‘patriots’. This system needs a complete rehaul.

  10. mayasthmatheery

    I don’t understand how y’all can keep this shit up.

  11. stoney_qmemes17x2

    Keep em spicy breb! 🥵 🌶 🐸

  12. xxstrongxv

    Me and my wife’s “mail in ballots” never came. We’re in San Joaquin County. One of the only counties not rocking Dominos Voting Machines. Gotta see if we “voted.” 😭😂

  13. wee_zee_3

    And DOMINION still is counting their ballots you can’t make this stuff up!!!!!!

  14. pugnaciouspatriot

    But it wasnt lost. We knew this would happen. We already knew it was happening before it happened in woodland hills.

  15. mongepedro787

    I’m getting tired of this shit. Time to water the tree of liberty. We need to organize.

  16. wide.awake17


  17. michigan3gunner

    We have literally been fucked around so hard, the Q psy op has literally kept everyone entertained to the edge of the cliff. Not a single fucking thing has happened besides “hot August, quack tember, and now red October”. At what point will people wake up and understand we have zero control of elections in this country anymore and voting these people out is not an option? Again, nobody is ever looking for “Q”, just the dumb asses who still believe it’s not the CIA identifying/baiting everyone into an internment camp.

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