On the day of Super Bowl 58, there were two tells to the game, one in the NHL, one in the NBA. The St. Louis Blue, also of Missouri, picked up their 58th points. And the Kings, in the NBA, which used to be located in Kansas City, their head coach, Mike Brown, came into the game with 271 regular season losses (the 58th prime number).

Patrick Mahomes Jr.=72 (Chiefs became 7-2 @ home vs. 49ers in Super Bowl 58 & Shanahan stayed on 72 wins)

As for the day prior, Mahomes former school, Texas Tech, the Red Raiders, not to be confused with the Oakland Raiders, who hosted the Super Bowl, became 6-4 in their conference. It’s similar to how the Chiefs won in their 64th season, after the death of Norma Hunt on June 4, or 6/4, the anniversary date of the 49ers being founded as well.
Kansas City Chiefs=64

As for Texas Tech, yesterday, one day after the Super Bowl, they upset Kansas, improving to 13-1 at home, on 58 date numerology. Of course, the Chiefs won Super Bowl 58.
Super Bowl=131

In that game, Kansas coach Bill Self also picked up his 138th loss.
Texas Tech=138


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