Taylor Swift was 24 when her 1989 album released.
89, 24th prime

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, paying tribute to her birth year, has Super Bowl 58 implications.
Swift=58, Taylor Alison Swift=104 (104th NFL season)

Patrick Mahomes is going for his 89th career win in Super Bowl 58.

She is dating his favorite receiver, who plays for the Chiefs, in Missouri, the 24th state.

Recall, Joe Montana, the “old Patrick Mahomes,” who played for the 49ers and Chiefs, went back-to-back in the two NFL seasons connected to 1989. That was the ’88-’89 season, and the ’89-’90 season.

This year, Super Bowl 58 was set on January 28, 2024, the 34th anniversary of Joe Montana winning back-to-back. *49ers=34 *Mahomes=34 *Nevada=34 (Where Super Bowl 58 is)

Mahomes can win back-to-back in ’23 and ’24, and Montana won back-to-back in Super Bowls 23 & 24.

The 49ers won this year with 34 points.

There were 65 total points and the 1989 album was released on the day leaving 65 days in the year.
San Francisco 49ers=65

And the 34 goes with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce being 34 years old at the moment.

The 49ers are currently 34-33 vs. the AFC West.

Keep in mind Nevada is where the nuclear test site was, and Taylor Swift is traveling from Japan to Nevada the day of Super Bowl 58. Of course, Nevada is associated with nuclear bombs being detonated, and it is a reminder that last summer the movie Oppenheimer came out. In fact, it came out July 21, 2023, the 202nd day of the year. And this Super Bowl will be Andy Reid’s 202nd game with the Chiefs, and it will take place while Missouri is 202 years old, and it will take place vs. the 49ers, after Tony Bennett’s death on the 202nd day of the year. *San Francisco=202

It ties in with it being Super Bowl 58.
Nuclear Weapon=58, Swift=58

For another point, the Nevada Test Site will turn 74 at the end of 2024.

And for another point, 2024 began with a big earthquake in Japan, 41 days before the Super Bowl on the 42nd day of the year.
Super Bowl=41

And for one last point, the 1989 World Series earthquake involved San Francisco.
October 17, 1989

From the 1989 Super Bowl win to the World Series earthquake was a span of 269 days.
269, 57th prime, World Series=57

And from the 1989 earthquake to the January 28, 1990 Super Bowl, was a span of 104 days.

Taylor Alison Swift=104, 104th NFL season


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