This news breaks Wednesday, December 27, 2023, a date with 46 numerology.

Genesis 46 pertains to ‘sacrifice.’

Read about this very clear tribute to 46 and sacrifice here (there are many more examples).

Notice also how the name Ana Clara Benevides overlaps with ‘ritual sacrifice.’

Ana Clara Benevides=64 (She died on the day leaving 44 days in the year)
Kill=64 & 44

The song ‘Cruel Summer’ was released on the day leaving 130 days in the year.

The death came four years after the anniversary of the song’s release, on the day leaving 44 days in the year. It was also 86 days after the anniversary of the song’s release.

She also died exactly 221 weeks after the release.
The Bavarian Illuminati=221, Taylor Alison Swift=221

Notice how the 23/8 release date corresponds with her 238 name gematria.

Notice how the 76 corresponds with 1776, the year of the Illuminati’s establishment.

And notice how the 104 connects with the 104th NFL season, which will conclude with Super Bowl 58, 86 days after the death of the young woman on November 17.

This news comes 10 days after Taylor Swift’s 34th birthday. *Murder=34
Satan=10, God=10 (Manson’s song Say10)
666, 36th triangular number *Era Tour=666
Mark of the Beast=54 *Eras Tour=54

Today is also 40 days after the death. *Brazil=40, United States=40, Old Testament=40

It goes with them saying it was 40 celsius at the time of death.

It also goes with Agenda 21 being signed off on in Rio de Janeiro on June 13, 1992 (for climate change).

Read more about the ritualism of the November 17, 2023 death here.


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