That’s crazy lol @dailybreb


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  1. lovefeastmusic

    At this point I’m convinced they are all against us and this one big production by the Illuminati.

  2. eyehavenoeyedea

    Yeah were fucked. Notice how the agenda is still progressing day by day towards our demise but we still think something good is going to come. Only good thing left is the Bible and Jesus.

  3. she.just.does

    What’s crazy is that pic of JFK Jr. on that desk back there 💁

  4. cannabisbbmama

    Is the phone plugged in, Joe?💤

  5. rick.meeker

    It does look like Trump but I dunnoozzzzzz 🤷🏻‍♂️ maybe the window pain distorts the reflection? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. marko_ilicic

    McAfee had a bigger story than we could handle

  7. 0nly_brans

    Yall needa stop smoking the weeds so early in the AM thats literally bidens reflection…


    Listen to Elijah streams on YouTube. All the prophets of God say Trump is still president and everything we are seeing is a show and will come crumbling down real soon! God is bringing epic revival!

  9. kagent99

    If you look at the window, they look photoshopped. I don’t buy it.

  10. davidwill_12

    Remember that movie Face Off? 😂

  11. karenhepp

    Interesting that the photo is now removed from his IG acct. Why?

  12. coolpackard

    Well of course it’s photoshopped…Sleepy J is hooked up to some O2 machine in the basement

  13. veegurl20

    Even if it’s photoshop/edit it’s still on the POTUS page. That should raise questions.

  14. sam_reichner

    INSANE!! had to go look at the pic myself to make sure I wasn’t seeing things!!

  15. hanspulver

    lol yall act like joes hair dont look like trumps in the back

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That’s crazy lol