That’s exactly why. Side note, it really should be decriminalized in my opinion. Lots of medicinal properties.

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  1. holmkid2

    Federally legalize, release everybody who has been arrested for it and clear their record of any charges for it and pay back what they have spent in court fines for possession.

  2. katiedavishomes

    This is such a tricky one. I’m in full support of the theory of legalizing it… however, CA seemed to get far worse after doing so. It seems like the homeless population exploded after legalizing. I’d be interested in legalizing as long as we don’t become like CA.

  3. gre_ggy

    I thought Trump-Man would’ve done it by now

  4. name_j10_superdupermissle

    It’ll happen. I’m guessing next term

  5. deannmorgan1981

    Well even if they do legalize it, they still won’t get my vote.

  6. treyjaramilloflores

    If Trump ran on legalizing cannabis he would win by a land slide. The only politician who talks the talk and walks the walk

  7. do_q_see_it

    Decriminalize weed, mushrooms, and lsd. All of which have YUGE medicinal properties to treat a list of physical and memtal illness. None of which are addictive substances.

  8. captainnonaq

    Pot is so much better to take the edge off at the end of the day than liquor.. i take the edge off all day but hey you know 😉

  9. australiancattledogs

    All my pot head/growing friends are white. Sativa dominant 🤣🤣

  10. gus.3219

    That’s how #trudeauthepos got voted in here in Canada…… They are trying anything they can….these fucks are desperate!! #fuckthedems

  11. kalilla3

    According to some Biblical scholars, cannabis appears by name five times in the original Hebrew text of the Bible. It’s been theorized that the Hebrew word “kaneh bosm” is cannabis but was later mistranslated.

  12. the_stoned_owl

    oh, like they did here in canada, now we have 140+laws about weed. and imported garbage weed sold by the government sprayed with god knows. it should be a “food” and deregulated not just decriminalized.

  13. beawwollf1170

    All stoners care abt is pot. It literally consumes their life. Much like alcohol with alcoholics

  14. javiertunon

    Decriminalization and taxation would payoff the huge national debt in 10 years

  15. fykes

    You ass hats need to learn there are only divine laws and natural laws. Don’t be in their game. Their laws do not dictate me. Freedom is something that is sacred. And asking permission to smoke a little herb is not freedom And fuck the two party system

  16. alithekia

    Pushing for legalization of marijuana right before elections. Not suspicious at all

  17. romz1966

    I love smoking, and my son is in the industry, but there’s no way in hell my love for marijuana would make me vote for Democrats!

  18. oldmeanoldmanmike

    Lots of medicinal properties,but watch what “they” will do to it once it’s regulated

  19. chubbah1970

    Agree on decriminalization – definite medicinal uses.

  20. mike101_666

    Kind of like how Turdeau the clown got in. Potheads are so fucking stupid sometimes! Theres more laws against it now. High driving….before you’d get a head shake and told to go home, now it’s a DUI. Dumb fucks

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