The only Concorde crash in the history of the jet was exactly 59 weeks before September 11, 2001.
Concorde Jet=59 *Freemasonry=59

The wreck came on the day leaving 159 days in the year.
Scottish Rite=159

The wreck came on the 207th day of the leap year, the only wreck for the Concorde in 27 years.

Notice, the event was on Pi Day, celebrated on March 14 since 1988. And with the One World Trade Center in the background, along with the Hudson, where the “Miracle on the Hudson” took place, it is noteworthy that 9/11 and “the miracle” came 88 months apart. Of course, Pi has to do with circles, and this news propaganda is about keeping us thinking about the same things, over and over, such as 9/11…

Furthermore, the events were 2683 days apart, and 2683 is the 389th prime, and 389 is the 77th prime.
World Trade Center=77, September Eleventh=77, *Concorde=77

And in light of this Concorde being of British Airways, think about the 7/7 London Attacks.
Secret Society=77, *United States=77

In light of the 7 years, 4 months, 4 days, don’t forget the World Trade Centers were on the 74th Meridian West, or that this latest stunt came on the 74th day of the leap year. It ties in with ‘London’ as well.
London=74 (York is part of the United Kingdom also)


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