The interview predates the accusations.
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  1. mtdbandit71

    Few months back I had a sneaky feeling they were going to come after him because he’s been very open about what THEY are doing illegally…

  2. steviemikula

    Psaki said on the news they were running social media campaigns promoting migration too…she’s so dumb

  3. nene.marie_ff

    Hope he has a plan because his days are numbered

  4. cherise_la

    They don’t out and attack people for nothin. Taking someone down has a purpose, like a coverup. Pizzagaetz is the cover for something worse (immigrationhumantraffickinggate)

  5. chompcity1776

    @kingluv this is why they are going after Gaetz. Gaetz is exposing ehst the traffickers are doing.

  6. skittlesbaybii

    I really think they are trying to cover something by pointing the finger at Gaetz. Does anyone think its fake or is he a CHOMO? 😩

  7. 74plymouth

    Holy shit this is the page out of their playbook! Accuse the accuser of what they are doing

  8. judy.shepard

    God be with you. May the Lord Jesus protect you and fight for you in this battle. May the power of the Holy Spirit come upon you to complete this and we see justice come upon the wicked who have done these horribly unspeakable things!

  9. patesville_furniture

    Matt looks very digital in this interview.

  10. brain_fuel_26

    The Devil has zero creativity. So unoriginal.

  11. minimalist_girl426

    Love that he called out USAID!! 🔥

  12. bigethos

    Now it’s may be more clear why they are after him?

  13. bigethos

    Remember, he said he wouldn’t take PAC money either.

  14. edenscosta

    Do not cross the deep state/cabal!! They will ruin you or worse…

  15. keith.pomeroy

    That looks like a faceapp version. Link to original please!

  16. cheapnewjeans

    NGL, I believe none of what I hear and half of what I see and try to trust my gut. Gaetz, I file under “loud people”. Only time will tell “how” loud he is, know what I mean? He may be pro-Trump and anti-trafficking because he says he is pro-Trump and anti-trafficking. He’s either legit af, or painting the appearance of being legit af so that people say “omG nOt GaEtz!” every time an accusation surfaces.

  17. thesella

    Everything the democrats blame on others is exactly what they themselves are doing or involved in. You’ll see

  18. _kimbrough_

    Did he just say a flood was coming 😎

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