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On March 8, during the rescue operation in Ukraine, Nicole, a frontline correspondent for the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF), interviewed Peter, a German doctor with the international medical rescue team.

Nicole asked Peter, “What you just said, you have a deep knowledge of communism because your parents were born in East Germany…”

Peter said: “We moved from East Germany to West Germany. We (people in East Germany) were not allowed to study in school and university because our parents were not workers. So they have to move to West Berlin. Then we had the Berlin Wall. It took us a lot of effort to take it down. That was a very difficult situation, all done by the Communist Party. So, we don’t like Communist Party.”

Nicole continued by asking, ” A lot of our audience are Chinese people who want to break away from Communism and the CCP, love freedom and the rule of law. You and your family broke away from East Germany and Communism. So, do you want to say something to these Chinese people?

Peter expressed the hope that all Chinese people would be like the NFSC people he sees with views and actions one day. He also said that the CCP destroyed China and its traditional culture, and the CCP does not represent China nor the Chinese people and the culture.

Source: Miles Guo on GETTR (10th of March 2022)

The frontline reporter of the New China Federation interviews the German doctors of the International Medical Rescue Team – GNEWS

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