The price of insulin was lowered dramatically by President Trump & then was automatically reversed by the Biden administration – The Bidan administration can’t create a minute long video without subtitles because he can’t complete a single intelligible sentence. The music sounds like they took a clip from Above & Beyond, which was featured by Q, and looped it. Clear your mind and realize that there is a plan, patriots have planned, but it’s ultimately gods plan .

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  1. lnsomnea

    This is hilarious – acting like no one is paying attention

  2. drewsheets

    Biden is fuckin idiot!🤦‍♂️he’s a duck in liar too. He knows he did this to the insulin market. What a scumbag. Course he’s a pedophile so…

  3. blame7tina

    Thank you for all your hard work & heroic efforts on this battlefield. I’ve been honored to stand beside you, fren! 🔥❤️🔥

  4. snessgy0427

    THIS MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT!!!!!!’ What was their plan? To raise the price after Trump to pull this crap???

  5. browneyedgrl1

    The price increase of insulin is very upsetting. I have a type 1 diabetic daughter and the cost of insulin is absurd. She’s in her early 20’s and it can get scary. Insulin is what keeps her alive. 😢

  6. ty_the_mortgage_guy_

    Hey fren, can you send me the link to that healing/meditation video

  7. my5kentkids

    I can personally say that my insulin was $25 under Trump, as soon as Biden signed his BS to screw up everything Trump did, it magically jumped to over $600. This is a crock of shit! He is only trying to make himself look good. Shame on you Biden!!!

  8. tigressc4

    If anyone believes this video is real, I have property for sale!!😂

  9. dustyrusty1776

    My mom’s insulin used to cost us about $90 a month in 2019. Manageable. Now it’s $170 a month. It’s complete BS

  10. spiritowl_healing

    All BS Hollywood production. Trump power it. Biden raised it and now trying to lower to take credit. This man is pure evil.

  11. mitchgonzo5

    Tell me you’re a fucking moron without telling me you’re a fucking moron. Oh, and I mean the women. Biden obviously, but the women should have said what it cost the last 4yrs under trump.

  12. wrsignofthetimes

    we have 2 destroy Pharmaffia @pfizerinc @glaxosmithkline_co now is the time!

  13. kandieblakestad

    I remember when q posted this. I was so confused 😂

  14. jamiegirty

    I 1000% agree!!! People need to start thinking for themselves and using common sense to realize nothing is what it seems in this fight for information!!! God won!!!

  15. dsernabledesigns2.0

    Nice studio production.. 😂

  16. btcviloria

    I’ve been listening to Above&Beyond for the past 15 years and I can say they’re the best

  17. just_a_ray_of_sunshine

    I hate that man. I know he is just a bobblehead but he is still a pedo. Lies. All the tell are lies

  18. jodi58

    This man is a pirate. He raped and pillaged the most vulnerable. Now they are begging and pleading for their lives. He’ll toss a few crumbs and then call us ungrateful because we’re still hungry tomorrow.

  19. karenmarie4699

    That song is very telling LOL 14 yr old son is a insulin dependent diabetic..Thankfully we have insurance to cover it… If this doesn’t wake up people I don’t know what will.. my heart breaks for these parents & all those that have to pay out of pocket 😢

  20. kmapremiummotors

    Give us free covid shots but can’t help the real problem like this. Our government is stupid

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