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  1. karybnails

    I do it cuz I’m not clever enough to think of a snappy comeback if someone gave me a hard time. I’d be like “uhhh uhh you’re ugly!” 😂😂 I panic under pressure, I’m a very shy person lol

  2. hillharrison

    EXACTLY!! You must conform or get out of their society!

  3. flowerkinnd

    … god I’m on the wrong side of Instagram 🤣🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

  4. hailey_harper_

    What do YOU PEOPLE think you’re doing by not wearing one?? it’s selfish to others because, just because you don’t want to wear one your spreading your germs to others and putting others families at risk. I would hate my grandmother to get something because of stupid idiots like YALL. Even if you don’t want to, please keep others health in mind we may live with elders and want to keep them safe. We don’t want all of your germs from stores and then to carry them home, all because you’re like “I’m standing up and not wearing a mask” standing up for what? The right to kill others with a sickness? You all sound so dumb. Look at the statistics and educate yourselfs on how many have gotten COVID and how many have passed from it. It’s literally something to protect your health as well as others when you wear a mask, what is there to stand up to? Health safety’s? Get a life, I can tell YALL have nothin better to do than to go out looking for problems with people just by doing wyd.

  5. papacof

    This is so true. Yet they are being disobedient in so many other areas. But the mask is a visually disobedient act that they TRY focus on.

  6. papacof

    Go into a place of business and clear your throat. PRICELESS.

  7. paulphillips7614

    Amen 🙏….true story 😉

  8. bonnie.mae

    I could not disagree more. To me wearing a mask is not only essential for health, but selflessness and compassion for those around us who have ill health. It’s about putting aside our own feelings and doing something to think of others. I don’t get why people care about masks, don’t we all wear clothes? Seatbelts? I can’t believe I just read this.

  9. val_0513

    She said it!! 👏👏👏 Time to get back to normal! 👍

  10. kobrakyle93

    Maybe they value private property, not wearing a mask in someone else’s store is very communist. In public spaces I agree with you, but on private property it makes you just an asshole.

  11. witchgizzard

    Yeah let’s not wear masks but follow Jesus ! As if that’s not also being a fucking sheep lmao

  12. witchgizzard

    Wearing a mask in public is more or less for the safety of other people’s health and well being. It’s just funny all you selfish twats are church goers. Aka also little sheepies. The government is trash but so are all you toolz

  13. kkwhee

    This is the most unintelligent thing I’ve ever read. You anti-maskers are like toddlers when it’s bath time. No sense at all lmfao.

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