The time is now to stand in our light and speak up. Every action we take will determine our future. Voicing your opinions online, reporting & commenting on corporations, exposing the lies, disobeying mandates & recommendations, boycotting etc are all ways we can send a clear message to them.

And you can do the exact opposite to support the flip side. Voting with your dollar, supporting & embracing those who are standing up, sharing positivity, etc.

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  1. bosspell

    Hey fam I was just wondering what to do to avoid getting a test? It we can avoid it.

  2. nana.gojak

    It is very dangerous time for all of us… my daughter was admitted today to Honor Health hospital (Shea ) in Scottsdale, Arizona and they insisted face mask during labor… when they said no to that, lots of drama happened… they even called security on my son in law because he said that they are fascist… they came with dog… so at the end of she was literally forced to do test…this is crazy

  3. chriseclipse6

    Agenda 21!!! 👹👹👹 They are pushing it full force!


    Stand up and disobey🔥 I do not consent!

  5. __simplylinda

    Any celebrity not on the vaccine taking?

  6. therealgrinz

    100% 💪💪 we gotta stand up right now not wait for someone else to save the day

  7. emofod74

    Don’t forget option 3: Fuciing Die!!!

  8. mylifeestoryy

    Covaxin is the only safe vaccine 💉

  9. jadzeera

    You can’t even go to the Dr. without being tested 🤬💩 with zero symptoms

  10. charlesreed983

    If a law (or mandate) is unjust, it is our duty to disobey. Consider me non compliant, forever.

  11. imacchiaveli

    Jokes on them they will always be unable to control one thing and that one thing is beautiful and it’s called “DEATH” which the ultimate fking FREEDOM for the human soul!!!!!!!!!❤️🔥

  12. lillyflower_01

    💯💪🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @standup911

  13. dkonakh

    Fuck these clowns @statedept @cia @fbi ! Needa take these maggots off earth

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The time is now to stand in our light and speak up. Every action we take will de