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Another Arizona election is winding down and Democrats were able to steal several seats in this year’s delayed midterm elections.

Republican State Treasurer candidate Kimberly Yee is the only Republican who survived the steal this year.

Several pundits suggested Kimberly Yee won because she did not have President Trump’s endorsement.

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Certainly, Kimberly Yee worked hard and deserved a second term. Although, few people outside the state have ever heard of her.

Of course, this is not true.

Kimberly Yee dropped from the GOP primary for Arizona governor in January with little to no support.

She ran for her old job instead.

But somehow she won more votes than anyone in the state in the midterm elections, Republican or Democrat.

Kimberly Yee could not win a GOP primary in the state but garnered 100,000 more votes than any other candidate in the state.

This is the the bullsh*t the fake news and uniparty throws at you hoping you believe it.

If you look at Yee’s results you can get a feel of what the rest of the races actually looked like.


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