There it is.

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  1. emilyspy_

    Been sounding this alarm since MARCH

  2. missy61177

    mine has changed from mild to harsh since June. probably my TMI but it’s a testimony

  3. ksileo22

    This is happening to so many women I know. I am fully unvaxxed and my shits all over the place. And I’m on the pill so it shouldn’t be. This is like the elephant in the room as far as side effects.

  4. vivaldibarbie

    “YELLOW ⭐️ CARD” scheme 🤣🤣🔊

  5. pinkparty1776

    Or women who are in a relationship with a vax male. 🙋🏼‍♀️

  6. dmac_377

    What do you expect when you poison yourself

  7. shibbear

    And it’s not just the shot. There are thousands of women having massive cycle changes and problems after just having the coof and no shot. I’m one of them. So it’s even bigger than that. That’s probably why they’re even pretending to give a shit about this now. It’s probably in the millions around the world of women’s cycles affected. Minaj taking about swollen balls? That’s been happening since 2020 before the shot. So interesting they dropped this after she called out the male reproductive organs issues with this and people went ham researching it.

  8. jwallzzzie2.0

    Mines been altered and I’m unfkdvaxxed 🤬

  9. emperortangent2

    And thats confirmed to be only about 1% of the total…

  10. trutheraccount2

    Because it’s destroying the uterus lining of the women and makes it hard for them to carry a child. Causing de facto infertility. Who knows how long it lasts though and what the rate actually is.

  11. barber_of_nc_yeah_u_kno_me


  12. cheerfulsquirrel2020

    I didn’t even get the vaxx and I have been affected from just being around them.

  13. cheapnewjeans

    Pardon the feck out of me, Biz Insider, “Poses no danger to one’s body” but we haven’t actually done any research yet. 😂😂😂

  14. save_the_worldfromtyranny

    Literally my number one issue with the shot is my reproductive system and I mean periods, babies and all.

  15. mandee.monico_

    Mine has been fcked up from others shedding

  16. latinas_kisses

    An official at my sons school right now before i opened IG, told me his wife’s nail tech is experiencing this after taking the vaccine smh. This article confirms it.

  17. barbarieck

    Research out of Japan showed the most likely place the spike proteins migrated to was by far the ovaries. 😳😳😳

  18. adriana_unbroken

    Lost my period after the jab! Have not gotten it back. #realtalk💯

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