They ain’t hiding no more


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  1. Yikes that’s def a clone. There’s no “Brad Pitt” behind those eyes…that’s so freaky.

  2. Shuhawk

    This didn’t freak me out – made me mad instead. Tired of them running our world. I want them all GONE.

  3. That’s a corpse….had to be. If the body is alive there’s definitely no soul in it. Wow, horrifying

  4. LB

    Nope! They’re preparing the arrival of the Antichrist

  5. Demon, not alien! These people allow themselves to be possessed. These are the demons that are teathered to their soul.

  6. Brad

    And still with all the blatant evidence, we’re the conspiracy theorists 🤦🏼‍♂️

  7. Notice the fingers that have rings on them.. Hold those fingers down and u get the horns…I could b reaching, but if the occult has taught us anything, nothing is a coincidence and every single piece of that cover was put there for a reason…

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