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  1. blametracker.17

    🔥🔥 Hope your sister is improving, fren. Still keeping you & her in my prayers. 🙏🏼

  2. 1227iv4n

    If that were true then they could have used it on Trump during his time in office.

  3. kira_moonbeam

    I don’t believe there are any tapes on Trump. Even when Epstein was mad at him & threatened him, he had nothing to use on him but tax evasion stuff, which Trump proved his method of filing taxes was completely legal anyway. ~shrugs~

  4. birdie.lynn2018

    If she had tapes against Trump he would have lost so I don’t understand how that would effect Hillary Clinton more than Trump. Also, Trump is the one going after all of them. She just wanted to throw his name into it to tarnish his reputation.

  5. lightgrenaids

    No one seems to be reading the actual article which pulls from a book a journalist wrote… it seems to be a gotcha piece that claims Maxwell wouldn’t give up Trump tapes bc then she’d have to give up Clinton tapes as well in 2016 election. It’s a hit piece disguised as an admission but so far it is here say by the book author Ira Rosen, a former produce of 60 Minutes. I’m sure it’ll sell copies though

  6. underthestarz_

    If they had this kind of dirt on him, don’t you think they would have exposed him the minute he announced he was running for president? We see how much they hate him, from celebrities, to news reports and politicians. For crying out loud they tried to impeachment twice, the only thing they could say was Russian collusion(which was false) and tax invasion and the Capitol BS. They have no dirt on him otherwise they would have used it against him along time ago. Also, isn’t it strange that after Trump became president all these pedos have been arrested? Starting with Harvey Weinstein then Jeffery Epstein. If they had dirt on him he wouldn’t expose them because then he’d be exposing himself. I saw an interview where he said, he was a part of the group he was always at these parties and that he would see everything that went on. Some other famous person (can’t remember who) said that Trump would be at these elite parties m, but never drank never did drugs or anything they said he was always the sober guy in the room sitting back watching everyone. He has dirt in everyone!

  7. real_jakeeudaly

    Trump tapes aren’t real or else they would have used them a LONG LONG time ago. Clinton tapes are very real.

  8. mominmt61

    Ivanka was on the passenger list 🤔

  9. beaww0llf17

    Anyone gonna address the comment regarding tapes on trump? Wtf?

  10. rebel_artist915

    No Trump tapes exist, she’s just trying to wreck his name.

  11. godalwayswins28

    Exactly, they have nothing on Trump because he’s not like them. How many years before he ran for president do you guys honestly think that he was already working on taking them down? He had to get “close” play it down while he was getting intel on them. The man is the master of war and I’m sure he made sure we would win! Trust the plan don’t pay attention to nonsense

  12. dianadececcofitness

    Praying for your sister fren🙌🙌🙌

  13. hungryfordeals

    Yeah, so she’s accusing Trump of crimes against children as well.

  14. tennant44

    Hahaha tapes of Trump 🙄🙄 with all his enemies that shit would have gotten out.

  15. simmocp1983

    They were hell bent on making themselves look like fools to ‘expose’ evidence that didnt exist, that they made up. Surely if they actually had something they would have put that forward before the other crap

  16. arpedkedarki

    So, wait…there’s “tape” of Trump doing what? I’m unclear on the point of this collection of slides…?

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