This doesn’t surprise me. In case you didn’t know, New York fashion mostly pays garbage for its workers.

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  1. toolrules1975

    Take your masks off, you’re outside.

  2. angelinthemarble

    Queens & peasants… it’s what the Boston Tea Party was all about

  3. mfscott43

    Cancelled my Vogue subscription when they put Kamala on the cover.

  4. mandi99

    I’m sorry but at this point in the game, I can’t take you seriously if you’re wearing a mask.

  5. muricanranger

    idk. 20k pay raise in 6 yrs isn’t bad. on the bright side, the open jobs report for 2021 is the highest its been in 40 years, so… maybe just find another job? haaaaaa

  6. patriotinus

    Are face masks the sign of the Marxist now. It appears that way. There is no need to wear them. So it must be like a uniform worn by a militant group.

  7. phoenixapotheosis

    Those protestors should take off their stupid masks. What a mind matrix those people live in. Working in a totally bogus industry while pedaling corporate fascist ideology while wearing masks as they beg for better wages.

  8. paulwatson700

    There are other places and ways to make money…..

  9. prydera23

    Wait, that one chick has received a 20k raise over 5 years and she’s still bitching?!

  10. bobby_in_brooklyn

    These clowns will show up to protest their employer and the cops at the drop of a hat..but not globalist that brainwashed them into being locked down,masked up and vaxxed up for over a year now..

  11. tamale_jackson

    Looks like she’ll have some trouble walking the streets

  12. giatrombetta

    This makes me feel so happy & peaceful 🙂🙂

  13. alicenwnderland1776

    This kind of protest I can get behind.

  14. leonardosalinas2020

    Anna is obsolete.shes part of the deep state and needs to go
    She doesn’t represent USA fashion at all.

  15. sebberry26

    When I was in high school, I wanted to go into journalism, fashion or both. More and more everyday, I am realizing why that was not meant for me. 😬

  16. joan_calamezzo.p.elect

    That ‘you cant eat prestige” sign is excellent.

  17. sixt.eenhundred

    Fuck New York, fuck all New Yorkers, fuck fashion, fuck fact checkers, and all people obsessed by the trash this magazine puts out

  18. healthonista17

    She’s been a twat for decades! Idk how she gets employment applicants.

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This doesn’t surprise me. In case you didn’t know, New York fashion mostly pays