This is not good

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  1. honest_abe_333

    No no no , they have been doing this for years !

  2. c.d.coops

    Doc looks like Biden 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. itsamiewithanie17

    My MIL has a pigs valve in her heart so guess this isn’t too surprising

  4. generalissimo_itmo

    We’ve been using pig heart valves for 45 years. Plus miscellaneous vascular transplants from animals, corneas, certain grafts, some bone replacements, connective tissues, etc……

  5. girrafeinthewoods

    I saw this in a Sci fi once or an episode of goose bumps.

  6. swaggerandbladebarberparlor

    I don’t know who needs to hear this but “You are living in biblical times”

  7. tinbashing105er

    This isn’t the first time animal organs have been used in a humans body

  8. el_monstro_85

    Still gonna have to meds for the rest of his life so his body can accepts the pig heart. The body is very intelligent design.

  9. joebrisket

    Now he just needs a part from a bear…

  10. prettymiamigirl

    They’ve been doing that. One of my clients husbands had a pig heart implant this was over 8 years ago

  11. joneskeepup45

    He got Joy Behar’s heart apparently 🤣

  12. ghos_t7671

    Is south park predicting the future like the simpsons 🤔🤔 he’s almost Manbearpig

  13. freedomdietitian

    Getting ready to release the half breeds from the dumbs

  14. politicloud

    How does he know… Did someone tell him it’s Bob Saget’s heart?

  15. wonderouslifenw

    It’s just the first time we have heard of it mainstream

  16. rockystho

    He is spreading omnicron to us all wearing no mask like that

  17. michelle._.gonzalez

    You hear about people getting transplants and taking on the emotions, cravings and memories of the donor. I wonder how this will play out?

  18. tenderoni_tee

    Omg noooo This evil is getting so strong but god will prevail

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