Do you remember when Donald Trump was President and Senate and House Republicans refused to give him ANY money for a border wall?

On His Last Day in Office, NEVER FORGET: Paul Ryan REPEATEDLY Promised to Fund Trump Border Wall — Repeatedly Lied (Video)

Do you remember that Trump was able to find funding elsewhere but Democrats fought him with legal challenges every step of the way?

Do you remember when Trump was forced to work deals with the Mexican President to secure our southern border because Democrat lawmakers refused to offer him a raw cent for border security?

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The same people who refuse to secure our border were flying to Ukraine on the weekend.

Mitch McConnell and GOP Senators visited Kyiv to show their support for Ukrainian President Zelenskyy on Saturday.

And as FOX News contributor Bill Melugin reported on Monday — the border is wide open. The illegals face no impediments as they easily walk into the United States.

Joe Biden is destroying the country by the day – as planned.


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