This is what every business needs to do right now in every state, in every country as well. I’m actually surprised a major sporting event is going against the grain, but ultimately this is just another distraction that doesn’t deserve the attention it’s receiving and it’s being aimed at Biden when it should be aimed at all the players involved in Event 201 etc. All the small businesses who went against the grain deserve the media spotlight right now. Anyways we live in very interesting times, and your actions will determine our future. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter the day we become silent about things that matter”.

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  1. godaisyy

    I know all this shit was created for control but still be careful y’all. I just tested positive after not being able to smell/taste. Its scary because I know it was created and that it’s biological warfare.

  2. superfatdough

    100% capacity but are masks still required? No vaxxx passports or anything?

  3. la.croixt

    Can’t wait for the UFC to start doing this too

  4. hunterwilliams710

    Every team needs to reopen there stadiums for fans, every state needs to lift the ban on masks

  5. jmurphy_g

    I feel like this was a decision of the stadium & team owners more so to move forward with 100 percent capacity. Not necessarily the league independently but still very interesting to note.

  6. evaelisa80

    But did they make them show proof of vaccine? If not, then way to go Texas.

  7. legendnoelshow

    Freedom of Choice is back. Let’s keep it that way! Be mindful there could be a control attack to create fear.

  8. ridyansosa

    How feeble minded are people? The national debt has quadrupled according to the projected numbers. You know it will be more. Nearly half the working population is out of a job that will never return. How to return to “normal”? The braindead sheep will say that they’ll just raise taxes. They’d have to tax us at 70% just to make a dent on the interest. There’s no going back even if everything opens up tomorrow. The new world will emerge. What it will look like is yet to be determined.

  9. mojack_horseman

    Shiiiiiiiiid Texans never learnn😂😂😂😂

  10. jutahmeucci

    Just tried to like this picture 3 separate times I just keep liking it 😂

  11. caramelcosmo77

    This is so damn irresponsible and idk what anyone says 🙄

  12. mbmorales

    …and an uptick in COVID cases will be in…(((wait for itttt)))…

  13. ___so.illicit

    My seasonal allergies are getting to me more than fake ass COVID ever did lol

  14. spencelina2174

    What a nightmare…its ginna be a super spreader!!

  15. scottreadinglv

    Finally someone with balls that says fuk your bullshit covid rules and let’s get on with living. If u are scared stay home with the rest of the sheep. Let the rest of us live. ITS TIME

  16. genesis.snchz

    I love it here 😂 #Texas ❤️

  17. r3ckl3ss_b3auty

    Wish NYC would do this 😩I’m tired of this plandemic BS

  18. fnaplus

    I can see the correct government using a mass gathering like this 👆 to make a claim that so many people are sick, Therefore they need to lockdown the whole state with travel restrictions like they started doing in Ontario…

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This is what every business needs to do right now in every state, in every count