This is what happens when chemicals are allowed in our foods, water, air ways, deodorants, make ups etc. They are creating neurological imbalances and essentially de-masculine men, disconnecting people from their own senses and creating and unimaginable amount of illnesses. Once they are able to control our health, they can control minds and always have us in a state of fear aka control. Once you step out of that paradigm and realize how important your health is and that’s ALL you got during this life here on earth, that’s when you really step into your power during the awakening journey. There is no point in knowing who the Rothschilds, etc are while you consume chemicals and destroy your health. Just like there is no point in making millions of dollars while consume alcohol & drugs and loosing your true wealth aka your health. This is why big pharma has spent billions subsidizing animal agriculture, creating psychological marketing, pushing the boundaries of fake information, controlling the FDA, CDC etc and working directly with Toxic waste companies to dispose of their toxins in all of our day to day products. My point is we are all going to same destination when all of our journeys end, my question to you is do you want to be healthy and conscious during your journey or do you want you mind clouded & disconnected and your body falling apart.


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  1. k_rappe16

    This is what happens when ppl deny God and the power He supplies! Only Jesus will change the ways of a demonized world

  2. dkonakh

    Its the beer man ! Believe it or not the biggest contributor to down fall of men in this country is the beer

  3. People need to take control of their life and not leave it in the hands of a government that does not care if you die tomorrow. You gotta be your own Hero, have a community of like minded people and rise up, take power and control of our lives.

  4. 68joe327

    Our government is full of shit and flushing us down the toilet with them! Wake up and revolt against the establishment the elite the defective gov. !!!

  5. trishb1999

    This is the most profound thing I have read in a very long time. Nothing but the truth. Thank you for spreading awareness 🙌

  6. The left is so criminal and corrupt it’s disgusting. All foreign influenced (zoros and China). They got seduced by the 💰. McConnell too and other Republicans not just dems.

  7. quecee115

    It was never not like this tho. Tf? To not know that is high key the privilege

  8. imi_ashraf

    @standup911 do you have the link to a video you posted a while back, showing a lady talking to the camera about the collapse and rise of the new economic system (or maybe her name?) – would appreciate some direction, so i can watch her video

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