This lady will burn in hell someday! @joyannreid


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  1. melanieroberts4trump

    She had to throw in the critical race theory in their too, she hates white people with every fiber of her being

  2. teannefarmer

    What’s even worse is people actually believe her lies..

  3. melissaioja

    Did CNN ever name the victims killed in the last Afghanistan bombing??

  4. beng423r

    🤦🏻‍♀️ List the names of the victims hurt by the deceased. Have you thought about that or is virtue signaling this “newscaster’s” primary focus.

  5. leslielovenoah

    Where was the names of the victims killed in BLM riots?

  6. barbijean7

    Seriously lady? What about Rosenbaum’s 5 young victims that will never be the same? Had he lived, there might have been more young innocent lives ruined. Divine justice.

  7. robert.l.mcleod

    What planet are these people on

  8. ameestyle


  9. therapeutictwist

    What about remembering all the victims with this 💉 . . . Ppsshhhh

  10. _mericuhh

    So much for UNITY after their president “won”

  11. darkginaven

    Hopefully sooner than later. 🔥

  12. twoacrefarmm

    They have nothing else to report.

  13. thebeetonpath

    Joan, you are not a friend to truth.

  14. susanlowenstein

    Please tell us about the victims!!! Was one just let out of mental institution for raping how many boys?
    Was one of the injured pointing a gun at Kyle and threatening to kill him?
    All this while “peaceful protests” were burning down buildings!!!

  15. avl3081

    Doesn’t she mean CONVICTED criminals?

  16. meanindiangirl


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