Thousands gather around the National Capitol Building in Havana, 🇨🇺chanting “LIBERTA” (freedom) – mass protests broke out today protesting against which has failed the people of Cuba for far too long!

AOC, Bernie Sanders and other “Democrat Socialists” (Communists) have been DEAD Silent as Cubans fight for LIBERTY!

I have seen Republicans @flgovrondesantis @tedcruz @marcorubiofla @scottforflorida and numerous others show their support on Twitter & Instagram for these Freedom-loving Cubans!

@MarcoRubioFLA tweeted “The people of bravely take to the streets against 62 years of socialist tyranny
12 hours later President @joebiden @POTUS has yet to say a word about it.

The stands with these brave brave souls! 🇺🇸🇨🇺


Source: populistgop

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  1. myabuttreaks

    Unfortunately when their efforts fizzle out, remind the world its because the Cubans have no weapons to fight their tyrannical govt.

  2. dalejmack

    God bless the wonderful people of Cuba. May they see freedom soon.

  3. southpaw_schmitt

    Isn’t this how Scarface started. 🤔

  4. madmanwbluebox

    Imagine a Country rejecting leftist socialist policies

  5. lparis222

    Asian Americans to against communism maybe?

  6. nopchere

    All those American hating people can exchange places with them.

  7. kingiesgal

    What are they gonna say? They know their system sucks and only benefits those in the Polit Bureau and they’re afraid more and more people are waking up. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  8. armida.hurtado.3

    Leftist democrats better begin opening their eyes. Is this what you want! This is where sleepy joe cackling harris is taking us

  9. mymemo2

    People will soon start attacking the politicians and who’s doing this

  10. billd0517

    Democrats only let in potential future democratic voters in across the border…they know dam well those freedom loving Cubans are MAGA voters….they won’t get any help from Biden and his handlers

  11. mrsumerian

    What has President Biden said about this?

  12. monalisa.monamia

    Long live freedom. Que viva la libertad !!!!

  13. calnevgurl



    What does the protesting achieve? The communist are way to powerful to even give a fuck about what these voices have to say. I suppose on the other hand never give up

  15. corlurey

    Silent? No. They’re behind the protests dumb dumb

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