Oh, would you look at that…

Lindsey Graham, and No Name McStain were visiting Ukrainian troops in Dec of 2016.


Because [they] planned on attacking Russia with the US FIRST…

“Your fight is our fight, 2017 will be the year of OFFENSE.”

Trump got in the way of that. Putin knows EXACTLY what he is doing, and WHO he is dealing with.

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  1. Shy

    @deesberries @mightyb_lexus oh they’re are sooooo fuQed

  2. Now we know why Graham said what he said about Putin this week.
    What happened to McCain should happen to Graham and Kholbachur.

  3. If the sanctions forgot to turn on the brain:

    Airlines all over the world don’t own their own planes, they lease them.
    The EU has imposed sanctions on Russia and obliged European leasing companies to take back all leased aircraft from Russia by March 28th. That’s a total of 520 aircraft.

    Phil Seymour, President of the Association of European Leasing Companies:

    1. Return of 520 aircraft! And how do you do that? The Russians said if you refuse to lease them to us, get them back yourself! How can we bring 520 crews to Russia when the airspace in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine is closed? We can’t fly in!

    2. Once the handover has taken place at Russian airports, the planes will no longer be Russian. But a non-Russian plane is not allowed to fly in Russian airspace – it is blocked! We won’t be able to fly out!

    3. In this case, the leasing companies are the initiators of the termination of these leases. In the original calculation of the cost of fines in such a case, we are all bankrupt at once. It’s easier to go bankrupt than to take back the boards. It’s cheaper.

    4. February is over and Russia has to pay the lease payments for the month. Russia is willing to pay but cannot pay because it is excluded from the Swift process. We ourselves have to pay fines because of the terminations, but given the lack of incoming payments from Russia, we have no money for it!

    5. Even if we take back these planes – what do we do with them? We don’t need them, nobody wants them and it’s impossible to sell them!

    6. The Boeings of American leasing companies are not affected. If Europe takes the planes away from the Russians, the US will supply Russia with its Boeing planes and become the world’s No. 1 plane maker, bankrupting both the European leasing company and Airbus.”
    I just don’t know if I should laugh out loud or rather quietly giggle hysterically.

  4. He really has an ax to grind with Russia. Warmongers who make money when we send soldiers.

  5. Traitor saw this and reinforced when at recent state of union he mumbled under his breath to Lauren to “shutup” when she mentioned 13 soldiers killed in Afghanistan

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Oh, would you look at that…

Lindsey Graham, and No Name McStain were