#ChuckSchumer scolds #KamalaHarris for laughing and then gets asked on his way out: “Did you get outmaneuvered by #MitchMcConnell?” The answer is YES. ✅ — This comes as #LisaMurkowski also signaled she’s a NO on more witnesses. Looks like #impeachment is over. But Democrats are already working on their next way to attack #PresidentTrump. Maybe it’s time to call him racist again? Or perhaps another woman who says the President raped her? Which will it be. Maybe they can spin a wheel. I’m getting ahead of myself. Next the Senate will vote on whether they’ll have witnesses, and assuming that motion fails, #DonaldTrump’s acquittal is just days, maybe hours away now. The Democrat party is already in mourning so I’m sure they’ll drag it out as long as possible. I want to thank #schumer #adamschiff #jerrynadler #nancypelosi and the rest of the coastal impeachment squad for their diligent work to make themselves look ridiculous. ???????? #keepamericagreat #kag #trump2020 – #regrann Reposted from @unfiltered.politics



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