Read & S-C-R-O-L-L *be warned pictures are graphic! As a female follower of Jesus Christ imperfect and a sinner saved by grace I have no delight whatsoever in sharing this thread of pictures with you but I had to learn the hard way and you have to see it to believe it and you have to be taught to understand symbols and symbolism is everything to the Illuminati the Freemasonry and the satanic worshippers. Let me repeat that symbolism will be their downfall.
As Christians, Christ is our savior not a picture of him or a symbol of him but relationship with him that’s our everything! Resurrection Sunday, the birth, death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ thats who I love & worship. When I see people on their knees praying to Jesus (not to a cross or graven images) but just in their hearts, talking to God I see Jesus in them. When I see a believer of faith praying for someone who’s sick I see Jesus. What these people see, what they need to feed are the symbols to appease and acknowledge their gods, their demonic false gods!!! moloch baal satan. Child trafficking and pedophilia are hand-in-glove. They’ve been trying to normalize it in the LGBT community by making pedophilia ‘love has no age” a new thing. They’re teaching anal sex to sixth graders and gender free crap to kindergarteners and they have no end‼️ There is no point of return for these sick DEPRAVED sell outs. We the American people of morality are the cure! “Signs and symbols rule the world.” “Elite pedophiles rule the world.” But we my brethren are not of this world, we belong to the kingdom of God! Even Satan bows at our Gods feet.
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