Organizers of the SXSW conference and festivals pulled the plug on the annual gathering in Austin, Texas, amid concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19). SXSW, which started in 1987, drew in about 417,4000 attendees in 2019. According to the event’s demographics report,  26% of SXSW goers came from a total of 105 different countries outside of the US. The event spans topics including film, music, digital branding and marketing, environmental sustainability, science and technology, to name a few, and typically stretches out through two weekends.


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  1. omtz165

    You know what I’m thinking… indictments are coming, quickly followed by arrests. These big conferences (Arnold classic)invite many big names, like the Super bowl, they bring in human trafficking. My theory is they’re cancelling these events to prevent big names showing up and disrupt the gathering of pedos. This is panic in full mode. Nothing can stop what’s coming.

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