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Surveillance footage shows that troops assembled at the Shanghai Hongqiao Station at 18:50 in the evening on April 7, 2022. Picture Source: a netizen’s social media account.

As shown by the surveillance camera footage at the Shanghai Hongqiao Station, troops gathered and entered Shanghai through the southern end of Station 1 in the Hongqiao Station at 18:50 in the evening on April 7. A netizen who knows about the matter (presumably a relevant government worker) posted a message in social media groups: The troops are coming, and Shanghai is preparing for full military management! Meanwhile, the information also reveals that all group purchases will be stopped after April 9.

During chat with friends, the netizen in the know posted a surveillance footage screenshot of troops gathering at the southern end of Station 1 in the Shanghai Hongqiao Station at 18:50 on April 7. According to the chat information, the netizen is speculated to be a relevant government worker.To protect the netizen’s privacy and to protect him from the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution, his/her account name and avatar have been covered by markers.

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After he (or she) posted the video screenshot of troops entering the Shanghai Hongqiao Station, he shared with friends in the chat group “the contents of today’s conference on guaranteed supplies.” He also claimed that “group purchases will be stopped after the 9th.”

1. The Shanghai Municipal Office of Disease Prevention will distribute to each household a gift bag, including masks, antigen virus test kits, and Lianhua Qingwen (a kind of Chinese herbal medicine).

2. The communities will distribute (rice, vegetables, eggs, meat, or poultry), while the district government will distribute rice and flour within two to three days.

3. A guaranteed supply platform will be opened (a QR code of the platform will be later set up, and notifications will be sent out) for everyone to place purchase orders himself. The government will purchase the supplies in bulk according to the purchase orders, transport the supplies, and deliver to the gate of each community. Everyone, please wait patiently, and please be understanding and cooperative.

When the netizen’s friend asked about whether those shown in the surveillance footage are military doctors, the netizen who appears to be a government worker answered that they are “troops.”

The netizen/government worker later wrote more specific details: Shanghai is preparing for full military takeover of the city. Two armed police officers will be stationed at the gate of each community.

The information above demonstrates that military control is imposed over Shanghai under the “reasonable” pretext of epidemic prevention. The situation in China and international condition are closely linked. While Communist China has imposed military management domestically for disease prevention, the Chinese Communist Party regime is also busy preparing for war against the international world.

Because of the development of this emergency situation, all Chinese are recommended to stock up money, food, water, and daily necessities, whether they are in Shanghai or not, and in China or overseas. The CCP’s darkest plots of virus pandemic disaster, collapse of the economy and finances, war disasters (such as the Russo-Ukrainian war, the energy war in the Middle East, and the CCP’s plan to invade Taiwan), food shortage crisis, and global anti-Chinese sentiments are gradually unfolding in front of our eyes.


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