@dancrenshawtx Trump Won

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  1. trip_rivers

    @dancrenshawtx is a good guy and all but he has backed anti gun legislation in the past. Don’t be fooled by this Rhino 🦏

  2. deana_rouse

    Bye rino Dan!!!! You need to go, the young leaders forum of klauss want you back! Gtfoh!!!!

  3. willwilkiniris

    Crenshaw is a piece of dog shit deep state riding the coat tails of Trump Republicans! @dancrenshawtx

  4. frabk1999

    🔥🔥🔥🔥TREASON 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. welderman899

    That doesn’t even look like Crenshaw

  6. randall_hodge

    @snopes verified this: McCain and Romney literally had a baby, and it is Crenshaw. 🤣

    It’s obvious – the putrid pandering phoniness, and an incandescent enthusiasm for shitty compromises snd neo-con wars.

  7. outlawwktrans

    That’s too bad, Dan…vote him out.

  8. rebecca_lynn_tyson

    RINO he is. 😂. Quit following him a long time ago.

  9. adamventurer

    What the heck Dan? I have enjoyed virtually everything you’ve said up to this point.

  10. embrace_the_storms

    Young Leader for World Economic Forum under Klaus has put doubts in my mind I’m thinking he is a part of the controlled opposition for the NWO. Hope I’m wrong.

  11. jojos.world.inc

    He did win. No way Biden got more votes than Obama. Trump supporters are die hard. He has a steady base plus grew in popularity despite his obvious haters. But he also won a demographic of people who were probably in the middle or that society forgot about. it’s no way with the crowds he draws and the way Biden literally has no support or anyone who genuinely likes him. We seen too many Democrats talking about doing whatever it takes so they would sabotage a sitting president. Ballots in dumpsters being burned like ?!? That alone is enough know that this wasn’t a fair election someone facilitated Thai corruption and let it happen with a colluded effort of poll watchers and ballot counters with no integrity. we can see it clear as day with the behavior of the Democratic party. The republicans are just as bad they really showed who they worked for. so it’s no surprise they would turn on trump when he went against the grain and status quo of the system. He threatened their existence with truths. the American people know this they are not stupid people are waking up all around the world and they fear the true nature of our government will be exposed.

  12. crustydusty1776

    Yeah, Trump won big and we all know it. This isn’t going away, you ain’t making us forget. We WILL take it back, one way or another. We trying to do it civil right now, but civility has its limits.

  13. sageaine

    Crenshaw is bought and paid for. Despicable fraud.

  14. sephanunnaki

    Damn… I liked the guy.. oh well, with the rest of the rhinos he goes.

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