Remember the guy….?? I’ve been trolling this weasel since he made me tineye
“Alleged” photos of Adam Schiff retrieved from Ed Bucks house…
Turned out to be random GAY PORN, we discovered inside of minutes after his
“Big reveal” … yeah duck him, and Jacob Wahl…
When I call someone out as maybe listen.
I’ve got a list.. Jack Posobiec
Ben Shapiro
Charlie Kirk
Sebastian Gorka
Alex Jones
Anne Coulter
Bill Mitchell
Laura Loomer
Mike Cernovich
John Mappin
Patrick Howley
That dickweed Gypsy Crusader here on IG
There’s more..
I’m just glad this dipshit can’t poison the well anymore..
I’ll expand as they reveal themselves,
It will get much worse as the Election draws near
Yeah, there are more names
Just watch.
It’s not like Q didn’t warn us


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  1. oh_jinno

    Hmmm. I’m not surprised with these names on your list but I’m curious about John Mappin. Care to share more info? Thanks.

  2. aehubble99

    What do you think about Bannon? Good to know about Cernovich and Loomer. Keep on telling us!

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