U.S. Government Loses Landmark Vaccine Lawsuit Forced Vaccinations Can Now Be Legally Stopped

First Volunteer In UK Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Has Died

Wake Up: Tens of thousands of people keep saying they’ve been injured by vaccines, you keep taking your kids back for more?

Merck to add glyphosate to vaccines in huge deal with Monsanto

Vaccine Cancer Connection: Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup – Roundup causes cancer – Glyphosate is in vaccines.

Trump Suspicions Behind China Motive Behind Vaccinations – Not To Mention The Ingredients Or Where The Production Of Vaccines Occurs

CDC Concedes in Federal Court: It Does Not Have Studies to Support the claim “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism”

CDC Disregarding Severity Of AFM Disease Link To Polio Vaccine

But when thousands of babies continue to die in their sleep 48 hours after a vaccination, it’s a “sudden unexplainable death?

U.S. Government Loses Landmark Vaccine Lawsuit
Forced vaccinations now can be legally stopped-no quality control for 32 years

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