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On March 29, according to foreign media, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Iryna Venediktova, said that Ukraine had evidence that Russian forces had used banned cluster bombs in the Odessa and Kherson regions, in southern Ukraine, and that some journalists were collecting relevant evidence, which will be used in the future to expose the Russian military’s use of cluster bombs and other prohibited weapons. Currently, it has specific evidence such as bomb fragments or soil sample analysis results, which can determine the use of prohibited weapons by the Russian military.

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It is understood that cluster bombs are extremely destructive as they have a large destructive range and can hit multiple targets at the same time. And some munitions may not detonate immediately and will continue to pose a threat to civilians years after the conflict has ended, so cluster bombs are currently banned by many countries.

Moreover, Odessa is the major Ukrainian port city on the Black Sea, and the offensive of the Russian army has not progressed. Kherson is the only major city captured by the Russian army after the invasion, and the Ukrainian army is currently trying to reclaim it.

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Ukraine says it has evidence of Russia’s use of cluster bombs

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