Via @kagbro888

Via @kagbro888

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  1. pepelordofkek


  2. coloradocustomfloors

    These fucking assholes think we are all stoopid…..that they can convince us of anything they want…..that we are sheep and asleep ones at that…..DEAD THE MOTHER FUCK WRONG!!!!!!! THE BELL FUCKING TOLLS!!!! IT TOLLS FOR EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU…..NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU NOR YOUR BLOOD LINES WILL@SURVIVE THE WRATH OF THE PEOPLE……IT IS FUCKING DONE.

  3. boogersnake

    “17 days”….that number seems to keep popping up🤔 and “if you dont run, i’ll never have a chance at redemption” baws baws😭 Im loving this “redemption story” personally🤣

  4. xciter80

    Is that the Chinese Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan in the mirror? Maybe?🤷🏽🍿

  5. qrackalack

    My first thought on those personal texts between father n son being released was damage control. Change the narrative and tug on the emotional strings of the normies that will feel sad for Daddy not giving up on his little boy. Too bad fuckers this ain’t going away

  6. markchace68

    Should have seen this coming but to busy picking jaw up from the floor WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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