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  1. jarvic7

    Excellent example of how masks deprive you of oxygen.

  2. militarymamaof3_coco_to_1

    On top of that they want you to get ๐Ÿ’‰ Pray for our Military

  3. _kallenj8_

    I work for a utility company and have access to similar(better) equipment because of my job classifications. I can confirm everything in this video as I conducted the same test myself last year when this nonsense started. O2 levels dropped to sub 16.5%, minimum OSHA requirement is 19.5%.

  4. adrielbencosme

    And if anybody uses the excuse that โ€œdoctors wear them all the time with no issuesโ€, ask them to tell you what the third leading cause of death isโ€ฆ

  5. mtnstandard92

    I saw a fireman do this six months ago. Real

  6. king.joseph_m


  7. my_newworld_5d


  8. redxpen

    Is this parody? He just proved that the air he is breathing is fine, but his mask is a confined space with excess co2

  9. ballyhoobronko_

    These people (masktards, most modern ppl in general) are the swine that Jesus cast the demons into heading for the cliff. You think they’re going to start believing any thing rational or real now?

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