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  1. that_southern_dude

    The truth will always come to light.

  2. bcdside

    I want the truth about his connection to HIV. ⛈🍿🇺🇸

  3. therealslim_gracie

    Makes you wonder how much longer this dude will be in the picture. 🤔

  4. loveitaly7

    Why is it takes 90 days to get him out??? He’s been there forever committing crimes🤬

  5. generalissimo_itmo

    It’s ALWAYS an antagonistic game of cat and mouse…. it’s as constant as the north star. They NEVER act in a role of advocate or collaborator. It’s ALWAYS adversarial for them: WE are their adversaries, and they ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS scheme or bully or lie or cheat or swindle to get one over on us…..they are NEVER on our side. That reality should warrant a do-over, as the Declaration suggests…

  6. meira02.o

    Is it being said out loud yet that it’s possible they released this v ir us on purpose , so many reasons and all… I meeeean ,,,2019 G ates hosted that Event2 o1 for the we althy and polit ical on pr eparing for a pan de mic, soooooo … if it walks like a duck Yada Yada Yada 🤷‍♀️

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