Videos they don’t want you to SEE – who are The Real Racists?? ITS CRYSTAL CLEAR and has been Destroying our country for decades. Falling for the #NWO divide & conquer scheme & Satanic plot causing chaos for no good reason. There actually are smart Liberals, nefarious in their intent to destroy America as we know it. These R the leaders of the Democratic Party &the media. Then there are the rank & file 21st century Liberals who are so clueless & stupid that they are just as dangerous. No desire to protect civil liberties like Liberals of past decades but rather easily offended fact free fools who want to live in a police state. They R now voting 2B enslaved, voting for socialism (which is communism dressed up nice) & against Capitalism voting to normalize pedophilia voting for depopulation voting for infanticide aka 10 month abortions aka child sacrifice voting for war on Christianity whether they know it or not. Overtly emotional sheep???? that can be provoked to false outrage on command. They will believe literally anything negative about those that they hate regardless of how silly & absurd. Likewise, they will Believe NOTHING factual even with massive proof that is negative & or criminal about those that they supported & love. Haiti! CLINTON Foundation comes to mind. They wont read a fact & have absolutely no desire for the truth at all whatsoever. They act purely on emotion which superceeds all ability 2B logical reasonable practical & objective. Sad to watch them now, their emotions have totally got the best of them & rule all their decisions. Trump the greatest President in American History came along when we needed him most & at tremendous personal expense & sacrifice to save this country! #TRUTH #TRUMP is about to slam dunk???? these insane Satanic Leftists & it’s going 2B glorious. The media is not covering the fabulous results of the Trump Presidency they R working 24/7/365 to destroy him & that’s just fine with all the mass hysteria Liberals????????
#MAGA ????✌???????? #TRUMP2020



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You are currently viewing Videos they don’t want you to SEE – who are The Real Racists?? ITS CRYSTAL CLEAR…