We control the timeline. Veritas⚔️🥷✨


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  1. mikejg86

    One of my favorite movies… 🔥👏🙌

  2. lemondropgurl88

    Mannnn 🔥🔥 this is definitely what’s up! WWG1WGA 🙌

  3. roundtwoig

    Yoooo this is fuggin epic fren, well done. I laugh at my buddies who tell me I’m crazy. We all know what’s coming and nothing can stop it.

  4. chrishaggertyart

    This was soooo epic hahahaha

  5. mamaspoekie

    👏🙌🔥❤️WWG1WGA-WW 🐸🐸🐸

  6. lillith71

    😂😂 kind of therapeutic 😂😂

  7. m.e.l_1.7

    1 of my favorite movies 🙌🙌 love the edits 😂

  8. imnothavingfunanymore4.0

    Now you will receive us ⚔️

  9. some_call_him_timm

    And that’s kickin’ your ass 🙌🔥

  10. usunuvabitch

    @reversemockingbirdproject “IT IS YOUR CORRUPT WE CLAIM…”

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