We need more of this!!!

“Yes, you read that right.

Today was my last day as a public school teacher. I have officially resigned effective immediately. I know what I stand for and I know what is right. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

Segregation and discrimination against groups of people used to be ILLEGAL! It blows my mind that these things are being accepted in front of our own eyes, our children’s eyes, in our communities.

Our rights are being ripped out from under us and I WILL NOT allow this. Not for myself, not for my own children, and not for my family. I will not be a part of a system that is doing more harm than good to our children. I will no longer be part of this problem and the divide it is causing.

If you know me or if I’ve taught your child, you KNOW that this is my life. I eat, sleep, and breathe teaching. Everything I do has always been for my students. I know how much they needed me this year more than ever. But what they need the most is someone standing up to this and fighting for their future.

I will never comply to these illegal mandates that violate my constitutional rights. I have a RIGHT to choose what’s BEST for ME! They have a RIGHT too. The time is always right to do what’s RIGHT. Silence is an answer. Ignoring this is an answer. Sweeping this under the rug and following “marching orders” is NOT the right thing to do.

I’m so scared, nervous, sad, angry, frustrated, relieved, and happy all at once. I don’t need a classroom to teach and I won’t stop teaching. I’m so excited on the journey ahead and being able to TEACH without restrictions or modern day classroom bullying of being told what to do and how to serve MY students.

Konawaena Elementary, you lost a DAMN good thing when this teacher handed in her keys today.” — Ashley Oyama

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  1. cheerfulsquirrel2020

    Finally! More teachers need to do this. Then, parents need to get together, create their own private membership schools, and hire these teachers. It will be a win for all!

  2. finnfolk

    @unbearabledeplorable19 sent you a DM with a video interview of Ashley

  3. holmeezohana

    👏👏👏 I just got chicken skin!!! (Hawaii’s way of saying goosebumps) She is absolutely awesome!!!
    It seems we’re the minority here. But I hope I’m wrong about that. I took my daughter out of school and people assume it’s bcs I’m scared of the ‘high coVd numbers’. A lot of people can’t comprehend that it’s quite the opposite. They’re not even prepared to hear my explanation. Not all, but most. Soooo many lost their mind during this past year and can not fathom people not getting the V and not wanting to wear 🎭. Or they just end up having actual dislike or worse towards me bcs of my stance. Which is not a selfish stance btw. I love that my daughter thinks people are silly for wearing their masks alone walking in the hot sun or driving in their car. Big props to this teacher!!! If she started a hub here I would happily follow. Too bad she’s on another island.

  4. freedomdietitian

    So it looks like there’s going to be a great opportunity for these newly unemployed teachers to do private sessions and probably make way more money… I’m just sayin…. I’m a contractor and am always looking at how to carve a job out for myself… these teachers could really have an upgrade if they see fit ✨

  5. three.things.i.pray

    Good for her, but a dark day for the students

  6. mneida_3

    That’s so awesome, so did I !!!!👏👏👏👏 LAUSD good bye

  7. finnfolk

    Also! What is NOT mentioned in her caption is that she was TEACHER OF THE YEAR last year!!! @unbearabledeplorable19

  8. nolesroll


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“Yes, you read that right. 

Today was my last day as a