We’re on to something.

They nuked the account that posted this.

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  1. rodnas.ss

    They should have rehearsal next time…This iimprove crap isn’t convincing whatsoever

  2. reversemockingbirdproject

    No chill. We cancel [Them].

  3. ginamarieftl

    Patriots knew it was a coordinated and funded attack as it was happening. Smelled like the left. It baffles me though how they get away with so much….

  4. yayamore77

    And the left needs a committee for sort this shit out 😂

  5. rgray604

    “Lisa needs braces. Dental Plan”

  6. paula.seymour

    Well well what do we have here Oh That’s right a Fuking set up

  7. kbsh.me

    Quick! Heat up the chicken tendies!!! 🍗🍗🍗

  8. deepforestfam

    my mans with the pulitzer scoop

  9. trq_less

    Screen recorded for when this gets wiped.

  10. peaceseeker14

    Is that the same dude that “chases” up the security up the stairs? So obvious staged

  11. bar20_ranch

    I messaged you some interesting videos from 1/6 and an interesting letter I ran across

  12. bar20_ranch

    When they push that little fence down the few that were doing it, clearly not Trump supporters went over it after they knocked down a female officer. The Trump supporters had hung back and got the fence off of her and made sure she was okay. The (non Trump supporters) seem to be attempting to whip the crowd to violence as they do so easily w a n t I f a and b l m but Trump supporters don’t play that game. They tried it right after Babbitt was shot too. Some clearly not Trump supporter yelling the cop just shot her, the cops shot her. More video on Bitchute

  13. canadians_for_truth2.0

    Oooohhhh get the heck in here @gatewaypundit 👀

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They nuked the account that posted this.